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Five dictionaries “To Go”

Netzverb’s app is more than just a digital encyclopedia. With its language tools consisting of grammar, translation, thesaurus, meaning and usage, it combines 5 lexicons in one application. This density of functions makes the dictionary app a veritable compendium of language comprehension.


Interpretive understanding supports the study of a language. The dictionary app by Netzverb provides one or more word meanings for each learning term, which give hints for its usage.


Correct language usage requires knowledge about the application of specific terms. For this purpose, the Netzverb dictionary app assigns exemplary sentences to each word.


Immersive language learning is inherently linked to the correct usage of grammar. Netzverb’s dictionary app shows how nouns, verbs, and adjectives are inflected.


The entrance to language comprehension starts with a translation. Therefore, Netzverb’s dictionary app provides translations for the most important words in up to 34 languages.


A broad vocabulary enables versatile expression. Hence, whenever available, the Netzverb dictionary app provides corresponding synonyms and antonyms of the given word listings.

The app Dictionary by Netzverb is an encompassing and user-friendly tool for handling the German language. With more than 160,000 German words, it not only includes an extremely comprehensive collection of words, but also offers a wide range of functions and information to learn German, better understand the systematic nature of the language, or improve the German language level. 

The app contains inflection tables for all word forms, of which the various conjugations and declensions can be drawn from. In order to train grammar, individual learning progress can be tracked, additionally. Therefore, the words are divided into different levels of difficulty, which correspond to the vocabulary level A1 to C2+. 

Using the free dictionary app is as intuitive as it is simple. Thanks to the multilingual app interface, it is accessible to a wide range of users. In the paid versions, which can be bought via in-app purchases, the app together with the created lists of favorites can be used on multiple devices (Dictionary Pro) and also offline with the full range of functions (Dictionary Pro Offline).

Listening skills thanks to Audio Output

Correct pronunciation is especially crucial for understanding spoken language. Thanks to the audio output in the app, the appropriate acoustic impression is created.

Save & manage Favorites

Being able to set individual emphases while learning German improves the learning experience. Thanks to the list of favorites, terms are easily saved and managed.

Extensive Language Selection

There are different reasons for wanting to learn German. To make the app accessible to as many people as possible, it offers an extensive language selection.

Precise answers in AI Chat

Cooperative learning facilitates language training. The AI chat enables language exchange and provides precise answers to specific questions within the language learning process.

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Netzverb’s dictionary app is available with all its main features as a free download for Android and iOS.

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Satisfaction within the community

Many people have already learned German or improved their language level using the dictionary app by Netzverb. A cross-section of the countless positive feedbacks shows what convinces users of the language-learning app in particular.

Jakov via App Store

This app really helped me a lot through my german studies. In my opinion the app consistency is perfect. Its look, filters and design make everything easier to use.

Andi via Google Play

Das ist eine sehr gute Applikation, damit kann ich Deutsch lernen. Nicht nur die Bedeutung der Wörter, sondern auch Beispiel in Sätzen.

Танитатикерам via App Store

Отличный Словарь! Очень часто меня выручает! Великолепный помощник в изучении Deutsch! Удобная структура! Очень нравится также то, что над словом, даже уровень языка указывается . Ещё раз Благодарю!

Sophia via Google Play

La mejor aplicación que he encontrado que me ayuda con el género de las palabras y sus respectivas conjugaciones en todos los tiempos.

Harika via App Store

Şimdiye kadar bulduklarımın en iyisi

جوادی via Google Play

واسه هر کلمه کلی مثال داره و کاربردیه واقعا

More about Netzverb

Netzverb is primarily the brainchild of software developer Andreas Göbel. The idea for the app was born out of the desire to initiate a German language network. The aspiration of a collection of all relevant information for learning, improving and generally dealing with the German language finally condensed within the dictionary app, which however offers much more than a simple dictionary. Further information on the background of and Netzverb Deutsch itself can be found on the website of the Netzwerk der deutschen Sprache.

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