Are the app’s data synchronized?

Yes, the app can synchronize data such as collections or the recently viewed words with other devices. For this, a sign-in via Google, Apple, or optionally with an email address is required to authenticate the devices securely. By default, the first device on which a sign-in has occurred is automatically synchronized. Any additional device can be explicitly added to the user profile settings.

  1. Opening the user profile in the app
  2. Sign in via Google, Apple, or register and sign in for free with an email address
  3. Check if the current device is already being synchronized or not
  4. Start synchronization via button

In the free version, only one device can be synchronized at a time. This is always useful when switching from an old to a new device or when the app has been reinstalled. For this, the synchronization with the old device can simply be ended and started with the new device.

  1. End synchronization with the old device via button
  2. Include new device in synchronization

In the paid versions PRO and PRO OFFLINE, an unlimited number of devices can be synchronized